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Designing a Functional yet Elegant Living Room

Hi friends! Welcome to the first post of the new Golson Designs Blog! Blogging has been something we've wanted to start (embarrassingly for a while) but time just never seemed to be in our favor. Since we have some extra time due the quarantine, we decided NOW was the time to stop making excuses and share our tips, tricks, and transformations that will hopefully inspire and help you make those changes to your home that you've always wanted!

Our first topic of discussion is to share a living room transformation that was completed at the beginning of this year! The client wanted a living space that was functional, yet elegant that exudes a cozy, intimate, and warm place to gather as they were just a couple of months away from welcoming their first child. They also wanted the space to have a light and airy feel as there are many windows that allow for the beautiful natural light to flow in.




As we began the design, our thought was to have neutral furniture that allowed the room to be light, while incorporating cobalt blue to bring elegance and vibrance to the space. We also kept the living room bright by using Allure shades. These shades are perfectly lined up by the manufacturer based on the measurements of each window so that despite the shades being on different windows they are perfectly aligned. The shades provide privacy, while still allowing all the natural light to enter the room. Oh, and did I mention they're are motorized?!


You may be wondering why we went with neutral furniture when our client was about to welcome a new baby. Well, with custom products we are able to select the fabric for the sofas, loveseats, chairs, etc. So we selected a neutral fabric that is considered a performance fabric. These fabrics are able to be cleaned much easier than other fabrics and allow for the occasional accident, which is inevitable if we are fully enjoying and living in our homes (hmm, maybe we should feature a blog post on how to clean furniture).

Anyway, we allowed the cobalt blue to accent the room through the ottoman, pillows, and trim on the cornice. Another way we kept functionality in mind when creating this design, was by placing an ottoman instead of a traditional coffee table at the foot of the sofa. This allows our client to comfortably elevate their legs without dirtying up a glass or wood table. Included on the bottom shelf of the ottoman are two trays that can be placed on top of the fabric in case the client wants to use the ottoman as a table.

We like to incorporate enough tables in a living room so our clients are able to conveniently set a coffee mug or wine glass down, regardless of where they are sitting. If you look closely, there are four tables included in this design (one is hidden by the chair). What we have found is by using end tables that have glass tops, the space does not feel as cluttered and overwhelmed as if the tops of the tables were solid.

Now, this would be your view if you were seated on the sofa. The media console brings depth to the space with the capiz shell textured doors. Also, the remote works through the console so the doors can remain closed and the area is not cluttered by the electronics and cords. The gold sculptures resemble the artwork that was placed above the sofa to create uniformity within the space. We continued to use cobalt blue as the accent color and used the same fabric for the custom draperies throughout the entire room.


We are frequently asked how to refresh a living room space for those that enjoy the furniture that they already have in their living room. Our biggest advice when wanting to change the feel of the room is to focus on an accent color. The accent color can be tied to a season or a feeling and can be a quick and easy way to turn a dull room into a vibrant and enjoyable one. We recommend the accent color be used for accessories so it remains an accent. You can also paint the main wall in the room the accent color if you please. Regardless of anything else, be creative and create your space how you want it because it's exactly that, yours!!

Well, that's all for now friends! We hope the read was enjoyable and helpful.

See you next time!



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