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10 tips on how to make a college dorm look out of a magazine

July 24, 2018

As summer is quickly coming to an end and dorm move-in day is approaching, the simple question of "how should I decorate my dorm room" can be more daunting than exciting. Although the laundry list of things to accomplish before you leave is long, we are here to give you a few quick tips on how to turn your lifeless dorm room into a sanctuary that reminds you of home every time you walk in! Whether you're sending your child, grandchild or you're the one leaving for college, these tips are for you! 



Although this might not be the styling tip you were expecting to see first, this is the most important accessory since most colleges do not allow any obstruction to the dorm walls, unless you are willing to pay a hefty fine. The command hooks will allow you to hang all the accessories you want without leaving a mark!!



Before you begin puchasing your accessories, make sure to have a color scheme in mind. By doing so, the room will have an impactful first impression because everything will seamlessly flow, even with adding patterns and other accessories that are brought from home. There is no one color scheme that looks better than another, it is your own personal preference. Just make sure to have a main color and an accent color to make your new room pop! 



One item can make all the difference in your room. When you add a headboard the "this is my temporary home" feeling goes away because the bed now looks more permanent. The headboards are sold specifically for dorm rooms and can be attached to the wall behind your bed with a command hook. 



Who doesn't like the feeling of sleeping with a lot of pillows? Well when you add lots of decorative pillows to your bed, the space feels fuller and more vibrant. Since dorm rooms have limited space you have to be intentional with all decorations. 



Now we understand this tip can be very intimidating and you may be thinking, "well why would I hang draperies when blinds are already provided, shouldn't that be enough?" The answer to that is no. Blinds do a great job of providing privacy and shielding some light from coming in on the days you want to sleep until noon, but they do not provide the decorative component that will make the room feel like home. When you add draperies, they eliminate the negative space on the wall and provide another dimension for the eye to bring everything in, which creates a safe and secure feeling - homey. Hanging the draperies is actually quite easy! All you need is a tension rod and some draperies from the store of your choice. The tension rod allows you to hang the draperies without having to put holes in the wall. It sounds like a win win to us!!



Not only does the rug provide more comfort for walking around your new room, the use of an area rug adds personality to your room and as you've already heard many times during this blog, it eliminates the unwanted negative space! Be creative with your rug and use textures and patters because don't forget the room should be fun!



Even though the dorm room may come with a desk chair already, we suggest to store that one in a closet until it needs to be returned when you move out. These chairs aren't always the trendiest and with all the hard work you have already done to make this room luxurious, you should go the extra step for the finishing touch! If you are not comfortable or it is not convent to store the current desk chair we suggest to add an accent chair somewhere in the room with a side table to ottoman that will provide another place to study and read besides the desk.




This tip seems like a given and usually one of the first things future dorm residents want to work on but here are some tips to make the pictures flow with the decor in the room! We suggest collecting frames from you favorite store that are a certain color theme. We like to use gold or silver to compliment the other vibrant colors in a room but you can also incorporate the accent color you have already used in the room into some of the frames. Also, textures on the frames. Do not feel like you need to have the same exact frame 8 times on your wall. You can be creative and make them into a collage on your wall, which we find looks fantastic and is a great way to show off your favorite people!!




Both options have their benefits but it is all dependent on the feel you want the room to have. Lofting a bed is beneficial because you are able to store a lot under the bed. In some cases you are even able to put your dresser under the bed, which can make the room seem less crowed and more spacious. On the other hand, when the bed is not lofted the room automatically feels more at home and allows the room to look more like a standard bedroom with the height of the headboard and more free space to put artwork above the bed. Again, both options are great and your room can still look like the magazine rooms, they each just require a different styling technique!



Whether you are moving in with your childhood best friend or someone new, coordinating the room between the two new roommates will create uniformity and allow you to arrange the room to make it look elegant. We recommend still doing the other tips but just together! Sounds like some great roomie bonding to us!!  





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10 tips on how to make a college dorm look out of a magazine

July 24, 2018

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